The EquiLottery Games Vision

Now that PASPA has been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court and states have the freedom to offer sports betting, there’s an intense focus in the lottery industry on how to offer players live sports gaming. But are traditional sports books the best way to appeal to players who prefer games of chance?

Until now, sports gaming has only been offered as a game of skill. Yet game of chance players love live sports as much as any other group. With this in mind, why not offer games of chance based on live sports? We have built an entire suite of live sports lottery games to fill this gap in the marketplace and cater to the preferred gameplay style of these players.

Lottery games based on live sports create new lottery players 3-4 times more than other new draw games.

These games will also grow the lottery customer base by attracting sports fans who prefer games of chance but have yet to find a compelling reason to play lottery games. Our research, conducted in Kentucky with lottery industry leader Ipsos, backs up this claim. Lottery games based on live sports create new lottery players 3-4 times more than other new draw games. That translates to our flagship game Win Place Show™, a three number game based on the results of live horse racing, adding more than 300,000 new lottery players to a state whose population is just 4.4 million.

With EquiLottery Games, lotteries no longer have to fear the competition sportsbooks will pose in their state. Our suite of live sports lottery games empowers lotteries to offer a unique product that fits their current capabilities, does not force lotteries to manage risk pools and directly appeals to the preferred gameplay style of their players.

Sports Leagues and Associations

But this new growth category isn’t just good for lotteries and their customers. The leagues and associations that govern these sports also have a lot to gain from our games.

Most importantly, these lottery games put a spotlight on live sports by putting them where people already are — gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, bars and taverns. What’s the ratings impact on a sporting event when millions of people have the chance to win significant money based on the results of those games, races and tournaments?

Our games are also designed to offer new revenues to these entities. In exchange for branding, cross-promotions during national and regional broadcasts, sports data and video rights, we are able to offer these leagues a percentage of each ticket as a licensing fee. This may not be possible with sports books but with the higher margins on lottery games, there is more opportunity to deliver financial reward to those whose proprietary content is being used as a basis for our lottery games in conjunction with the additional value leagues and associations can provide.

EquiLottery CEO Brad Cummings at East Coast Gaming Congress

Expansion of the Retailer Network

Our games work well in a traditional retailer environment, but imagine what happens when your lottery is able to set up shop at a sporting venue and sell tickets based on the live sporting event taking place there. What does it do to the fan experience of a NASCAR race if every spectator has a lottery ticket based on that day’s race which could win them $50,000? Or how about an NFL stadium or MLB ballpark where fans have tickets based on 10 games that day? This connects the lottery experience to life experiences in an unprecedented way.

Armed with our suite of live sports lottery games, lotteries now have an even greater justification for expanding their retail networks through popular national sports bar chains and local establishments. And since our game tickets come out of the same machines selling other popular lottery games, EquiLottery Games expands the overall lottery game footprint, not just our games.

How many more tickets can your lottery sell under these scenarios? How many new lottery players are you creating? As lotteries continue to work towards new opportunities to expand their player bases, there’s no doubt these are definitely questions worth answering for everyone involved.

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