How Our Games Work

As the leader of lottery games based on the results of live sports, it is our mission to develop great games for lotteries and their players. These games must include the authenticity of live sports as their reveal and be offered as quick pick only in order to qualify as games of chance. With these basic rules in mind, we have developed several game types that reward players with a cash prizes and a superior gameplay experience to watching lottery balls come out of a machine.

We’ve developed these games under our U.S. and Canadian patents. Each of our games follows these basic principles:

Quick Pick Tickets – Our randomization is at the pick of the ticket. All odds are pre-purchase odds. This allows us to qualify as a game of pure chance, making our differentiator the live, authentic sporting event that is our lottery draw.

Good Chances to Win – All of our games feature overall odds of winning of less than 10 to 1. This puts our games more in line with the very popular instant ticket and Keno categories than other draw games. For the uninitiated, Powerball overall odds are 36 to 1 and Pick 3 hovers around 60 to 1.

Licensing Fees – One of our core principles is paying for the content we use which is why a percentage of each ticket goes to pay the participating league, association or racetrack. This allows us to offer valuable branding to our lottery consumers, video feeds, cross-promotions and directly partner with brands that matter to sports fans.

Sports Data Integration – We contract with sports data companies to integrate the information necessary to power these games.

Mobile Apps – The future, as they say, is mobile (actually it’s more like the present but we digress) and so our games always have a complementary mobile app. This gives lotteries a way to reach their players on the devices they care most about whether that lottery can legally sell tickets online or not.

Pari-Mutuel Pooling – Our top prize for each game is pari-mutuel which means our top prize pools are divided by the number of winners to determine the payout on a given day as opposed to a static payout. These are no risk pools designed to respect the mission of lotteries to be effective stewards of state dollars and this pari-mutuel approach, along with the quick pick nature of our tickets, helps transcend this issue.

Win Place Show™

Our first game in the marketplace and flagship product, Win Place Show™, is a three-number game based on the results of live horse racing. Each ticket features three horses with names and numbers along with other key racetrack information.

Click here to learn more about this game based on the results of live horse racing, the first ever lottery draw game based on the results of a live sporting event in the U.S.

Team Sports

Players purchase this $5 ticket and have the results of ten games quick picked for them. While we’re using baseball as an example here, this game can be based on any team sport with a robust calendar of games such as basketball, football, hockey and soccer. Players win by 10 out of 10, 9 out of 10, 8 out of 10 and 7 out of a 10 with an estimated top prize of $1,000 and overall odds of 6 to 1.


This game structure is perfect for expanding your lottery’s footprint to sports bars and stadiums.

Auto Racing

Players receive a quick pick of three drivers and try to win based on the results of a live auto race. Tickets return prizes for a variety of winning combinations from having any driver on the ticket win the race to matching all three drivers in a row. This game design features a top prize of $50,000 and 2-3 hours of lottery entertainment for your players at a reasonable $5 price point.

While the specifics of this ticket are designed around NASCAR due to our partnership with speedway giant Speedway Motorsports, this game can be modified to meet the realities of IndyCar, Formula 1 and any other auto racing platform.

Golf Tournaments

Golf will never be the same again once lotteries start allowing players to purchase tickets based on golf tournaments featuring life-changing jackpots. Tickets are $5 and feature a quick pick of three golfers from a field of 156. There are a series of winning outcomes, starting with $5 for all three golfers making the cut and topping off at $2,000,000 for matching all three golfers 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

We love the populist idea that someone by merely buying a lottery ticket will make more money that weekend than the guy who spent his entire life training to win the featured tournament. Is there anything more lottery than that?

Intellectual Property

Our games are all designed under our U.S. and Canadian patent awarded in 2014/2016 and expiring in 2032/2034. You can find this patent information by clicking here. All game titles are also protected with trademarks including Baseball Bucks, Race Car Cash, Football Bucks, Golfing for Gold and Win Place Show.

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