EquiLottery Games’ Spotlight

Meet Jacob Hein

Jacob Hein is the Senior Director of Operations for EquiLottery Games, playing a pivotal role in the successful Win Place Show pilot run through the Kentucky Lottery in 2019. Graduating from the University of Louisville in 2012, he comes from the Church Business Management field where he oversaw finances, human resources, and building management for several large churches in the city of Louisville, KY. An avid sports fan, Jacob is very excited to be working in a medium that creates unforgettable sports experiences for people everywhere.

What drew you to EquiLottery Games originally? And how has the company changed since?

Honestly, the pure genius of it. Although I didn’t grow up a lottery player or really understand it, when I learned what EquiLottery Games was trying to do, I couldn’t fathom how someone hadn’t come up with the idea already. Using live sporting events as draw results for a lottery game is extremely exciting and gives people like me who maybe didn’t play the lottery before a chance to try their luck at some easy gambling.

The company has both surprised and excited me by growing as quickly as it has. We may not look like it, but new deals are being made daily to expand out our idea for all kinds of sports leagues. And while it is very exciting, it’s also very busy!

What do you find most challenging at EquiLottery Games?

I’ve never worked for a company that’s put together an entirely new idea. New businesses pop up all the time, but they’re often providing a product or service that another company does, so there’s a lot of precedent to work with. We really are building the plane as we’re flying it, and there’s not a lot of time to sit back and make decisions; you must keep working until your final result is a winner. (pun intended).

If you could pick one theme for EquiLottery Games to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

Perseverance. As I said before, working in an entirely new medium definitely presents its challenges. There are many failures we have to encounter to not only make a working product but also to grow as a company. I know that my personal and professional lives have grown because of the direct impact of what I do at EquiLottery Games. That said, when we do push through to a successful result for one of our projects, the feeling is incredibly satisfying.

Last question: What are your top three life highlights?

Birth of my daughter (born January of 2019!)

Buying my Harley-Davidson.

Acquiring public stock in the Green Bay Packers.

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