How Lotteries Play Sports™

A suite of live sports games to suit your lottery players.

Our Vision

Lottery is an $80 billion market in the U.S. and yet we believe there’s an untapped lottery category ready to be opened up that will appeal to current lottery players and attract new players at unprecedented rates. What category is that? Lottery games of pure chance based on the results of live sporting events.

Our Games

By offering a suite of quick pick only live sports lottery games, EquiLottery Games delivers the excitement of sports gaming to those who love games of pure chance. Learn how these games work and why we believe this is the next big growth category in lottery.

Our Tech

Our central gaming systems and web properties are what power our suite of live sports lottery games. We integrate our systems with your terminal vendor to create a cohesive game experience in every state we operate. And our mobile platforms make these games come to life for your players and give you an online touch point even if you are currently unable to offer iLottery products.

Win Place Show

Our flagship game Win Place Show, the first daily lottery game based on the results of a live sporting event, launched as a test pilot through the Kentucky Lottery on March 31, 2019 and exceeded financial projections. Future plans are pending but in the meantime, click below to check out the Win Place Show online experience.


Latest News

EquiLottery Games Partners with Major League Baseball

New Lottery Game – Baseball Bucks – will allow lottery players to purchase tickets based on live MLB games   EquiLottery Games®, North America’s live sports lottery game developer, today announced an agreement with Major League Baseball (MLB) that will see EquiLottery launch a new officially-licensed lottery draw game titled Baseball Bucks™. Under this multi-year […]

EquiLottery Games’ Spotlight

Meet Dréshon Bonds Dréshon Bonds is the Director of Marketing for EquiLottery Games. Starting with the company as a marketing intern, he assisted in the successful Win Place Show pilot. He looks forward to applying the principles of effective communication and cohesive branded messaging he learned during the internship and through his studies at Indiana […]

EquiLottery Games’ Spotlight

Meet Jacob Hein Jacob Hein is the Senior Director of Operations for EquiLottery Games, playing a pivotal role in the successful Win Place Show pilot run through the Kentucky Lottery in 2019. Graduating from the University of Louisville in 2012, he comes from the Church Business Management field where he oversaw finances, human resources, and […]

EquiLottery Games’ Spotlight

Meet Kaitlyn Johnston Kaitlyn Johnston is the Director of Horse Racing  Operations for EquiLottery Games’ flagship game Win Place Show. She is from Dallas, Texas and moved to Louisville to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Louisville’s Equine Industry Program. Kaitlyn graduated from Louisville’s full-time MBA program in September of 2019 and is […]